Planting trees and supporting communities

Did you know that every Koh purchase helps us to give back to the planet? Through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects and 1% for the Planet, we've helped plant trees in Nepal and Indonesia, supporting local communities to restore natural ecosystems.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organisation that focuses on reforestation and ecological restoration. To do this, they employ local villagers to plant millions of trees every year in countries such as Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Indonesia and Nepal, which not only restores healthy forests to combat the devastating effects of deforestation, but positively impacts the livelihood of these communities as well, helping to reduce extreme poverty.

Why plant trees?

1. Helps combat the environmental impact of deforestation.

2. Fights climate change.

3. Increases habitat for endangered species.

4. Provides employment to local communities.

Through Eden Reforestation Projects, Koh’s focus in 2020 has been plantations in both Nepal and Indonesia. Here is a snapshot of how your Koh purchase has helped the local communities we work with.

Supporting women's empowerment in Nepal

Nepal is an ecologically diverse nation, but some regions remain sheltered from socioeconomic development when compared to urban areas. This means gender inequality can be common in these regions. Women’s empowerment has been a core goal in Nepal, and with Koh’s contributions, Eden Reforestation Projects has cultivated a project where the local leadership team for planting and nursery management is composed entirely of women. Your contribution has helped to create a meaningful impact on not just the environment, but local communities, too.

Helping coastal communities in Indonesia

As the world’s largest island nation and home to 17 percent of the world’s wildlife, including rare and endangered species, deforestation poses a significant threat to the ecosystems and local livelihoods of Indonesia. Mangrove deforestation has left coastal communities vulnerable to catastrophic flooding due to extreme weather events becoming more frequent as a consequence of climate change.

In partnership with Koh, Eden Reforestation Projects has planted over 500,000 mangrove trees and employed 95 staff who previously had little or no income. Your support has had a tremendous impact on the local livelihoods of these communities and contributed to the reforestation of mangrove forests.

Every order we receive counts, which means you’ve played a significant part in helping us make a positive change to these communities and ecosystems. Thank you for choosing Koh and collectively, we hope to continue making a difference.



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