Add Dishwashing Tablets (Pack of 50)

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Add Dishwashing Tablets (Pack of 50)

Regular price £9.95

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Sparkling dishes without any of the nasties.

Koh Dishwashing Tablets are free from phosphates, harsh chemicals, microbeads, fumes, and fragrances. 

To use simply leave tablets in their biodegradable wrapper, place in your dishwasher dispenser and turn to your preferred cycle. Includes 50 tablets per pack.  

Vegan and Cruelty-free. Safe for septic systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to use rinse aid with the Dishwashing tablets?

Rinse aids were originally developed for harder water regions. If you live in a hard water region, we would recommend the use of a rinse aid. As a guide, the southern and eastern regions of the UK have hard water.

Are the Dishwashing tablets septic safe?

The Koh Dishwashing Tablets are septic tank safe.

Why Choose Koh

One Simple System

Safe & Eco Friendly

Refill & Reuse

Delivered to Your Door



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