Essential Accessories Bundle

Sale price £20.95 Regular price £41.96

Essential Accessories Bundle

Sale price £20.95 Regular price £41.96

In need of extra accessories to keep on Koh'ing? Our Accessories Pack includes
1 x 360 Atomiser - supplied empty (RRP£6.99)

Reach tricky areas with 360-degree spray functionality. Refill and reuse over and over. Supplied empty.

8 x Microfibre Cloths (RRP£29.98)

Cloths to make every surface shine. Green for general surfaces, blue for bathroom and tiles, white for mirrors and glass.

4 x Diamond Sponges (RRP£4.99)

Tackle the most stubborn dirt and grime, like baked on stovetop and oven grease and fats. Always spot test before you get Koh'ing.

Buy this bundle to save 50% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these products individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this pack come with any Universal Cleaner?

No. This is a standalone accessories pack.

Can I swap out any of the cloths for different colours?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot adjust our bundle deals. We sell individual cloth packs here.

Why Choose Koh

One Simple System

Safe & Eco Friendly

Refill & Reuse

Delivered to Your Door



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