Mega Bundle

Sale price £74.95 Regular price £155.89

Mega Bundle

Sale price £74.95 Regular price £155.89

Love to clean, or have a larger home? This bundle's for you! It comes with everything you need to clean kitchens, bathrooms, benchtops, mirrors, glass and more. Includes our Spray Mop for clean, dry floors in seconds.
1 x 4L Universal Cleaner (RRP £14.99)

One powerful cleaning solution that does the job of twenty and is tough on dirt, grease and grime.

3 x 360 Atomisers (RRP £20.97)

Reach tricky areas with 360-degree spray functionality. Refill and reuse over and over.

16 x Microfibre Cloths (RRP £59.96)

Cloths to make every surface shine. Green for general surfaces, blue for bathroom and tiles, white for mirrors and glass.

8 x Diamond Sponges (RRP £9.98)

Tackle the most stubborn dirt and grime, like baked on stovetop and oven grease and fats. Always spot test before you get Koh'ing.

1 x Spray Mop & 5 pads (RRP £49.99)

Sparkling floors without the slip or buckets. Green pads are for gripping, and blue pads for buffing and polishing.

Buy this bundle to save 50% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these products individually.

Koh is on a mission to help you clean your whole home in less time with less effort with one simple, eco-friendly system.

How the system works

Keeping your whole home clean with Koh is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Decant Universal Cleaner into a 360 Atomiser.
2. Spray onto the surface that needs cleaning. For tougher cleans, leave for 2 - 3 minutes for it to work its magic.
3. Grab your Microfibre Cloth or Diamond Sponge to wipe away dirt and grime.

Don't forget you use Universal Cleaner in your Spray Mop, too. Here's how to get clean, dry floors in a matter of seconds:

1. Fill your Spray Mop bottle with Universal Cleaner
2. Attach your reusable Mop Pad of choice
3. Pull the trigger and spray a modest amount onto the floor, and then mop.

Universal Cleaner can be used on most surfaces around your home, including:

  • Kitchen benches and table tops
  • Greasy ovens and stovetops
  • Bathroom tiles and shower screens
  • Mirrors and windows
  • Most floor types including wooden floorboards, laminates and tiles.
  • We recommend a small spot test on inconspicuous areas before you get Koh'ing.

Did you know Universal Cleaner is eco-friendly?

Universal Cleaner's simple two ingredient formula has no harsh chemicals, fumes or fragrances. It's also:

  • Eco-certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia
  • Allergy friendly and approved by Allergy UK.
  • Vegan and certified by Cruelty Free International

Why Choose Koh

One Simple System

Safe & Eco Friendly

Refill & Reuse

Delivered to Your Door



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