Total Protect Sanitiser Duo

Sale price £24.58 Regular price £43.96

Total Protect Sanitiser Duo

Total Protect Sanitiser Duo

Sale price £24.58 Regular price £43.96

Long lasting surface and hand sanitisers
1 x 1L Protect Surface (RRP£14.99)

7 day protection from 99.9% of bacteria. Spray onto clean surfaces. Wait 3-5 minutes until dry and wipe down residue.

1 x 360 Atomiser (RRP£6.99)

Fill with Protect Surface. Refill and reuse over and over.

1 x 1L Protect Skin (RRP£14.99)

Pump onto your hand and rub in until dry for 8 hour protection.

1 x Reusable Protect Skin Foaming Pump (RRP£6.99)

Fill with Protect Skin. Refill and reuse over and over.

Buy this Duo bundle to save 44% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these products individually.

Koh Protect Surface is a long lasting surface sanitiser which has been clinically proven to keep household surfaces bacteria free for 7 days.

Koh Protect Skin is a long lasting, fragrance free hand sanitiser which is clinically proven to protect your hands from bacteria for 8 hours, without drying them out.

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