Microfibre Cloths (4-Pack)

Regular price £14.95

Microfibre Cloths (4-Pack)

Microfibre Cloths (4-Pack)

Regular price £14.95

Made from high quality microfibre material, our 4 pack of Microfibre cloths includes:

2 x Green General Cloths: All round cloth which can be used across all common household surfaces including kitchen, stainless steel and benchtops. It's also great for dusting! Comes with a scrubby corner for more stubborn cleans.

1 x Blue Bathroom Cloth: Made from the same material as the Koh Green cloth, it is colour-coded to keep bathroom and kitchen cleaning seperate. Best used across tiles, baths, showers and window sills. Comes with a scrubby corner for more stubborn cleans.

1 x White Glass Cloth: Designed to leave a streak-free clean across windows and mirror surfaces around your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there different colour cloths?

Green is designed for general purpose - Blue for bathroom cleans - White for windows and mirrors.

Can you wash the microfibre cloths?

Yes. The Koh Microfibre cloths should be washed on a 60-80 degree cycle with normal detergent. No bleach or fabric softener. Line dry. Wash separately to avoid colour bleeding.

Are the microfibre cloths environmentally friendly?

Due to the long-lasting nature of our microfibre cloths (usable for 300+ washes) they are a sustainable and reusable cleaning substitute.

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