Diamond Sponge (4 Pack)

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Diamond Sponge (4 Pack)

Regular price £4.95

Verified by REVIEWS.io

Diamond Sponge is designed to work with our Universal Cleaner to remove tough stains such as baked in fats on ovens and limescale, hard water stains and mould found within the bathroom.

Simply spray the solution on the area to be cleaned and then proceed to rub with the Diamond Sponge. Wash thoroughly with hot water after use.

Whilst the Diamond Sponge is a relatively low abrasive, you should still avoid high gloss surfaces and if in any doubt, spot test in an inconspicuous area before you begin your clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use the Diamond sponge for?

The Diamond sponge is designed to remove tougher stains and marks such as rust, baked-fats, calcium deposits, grout, enamel, tiles etc.

We recommend exercising caution whenever using the sponge on soft or glass surfaces.

How do you wash the Diamond Sponge?

Rinse any dirt from the diamond sponge under a hot tap, gently squeeze out excess water and leave out to dry. Please note that diamond sponges are not intended for many (deep) cleans as they can get clogged with oil and lose their effectiveness.

What surfaces should I avoid using the diamond sponge on?

We recommend exercising caution on delicate and glass surfaces as they can be abrasive and scratch these surfaces if sufficient scare is not exercised.

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